Katniss' quiver
Every arrow Katniss ever fired didn’t just magically appear on the bow. She stored them all in a quiver.

“Without thinking, I pull an arrow from my quiver and send it straight at the Gamemakers’ table. I hear shouts of alarm as people stumble back. The arrow skewers the apple in the pig’s mouth and pins it to the wall behind it.”

The archer’s quiver is equal to a magazine for a rifle. You need a place to store your ammo-i.e, your arrows- that is quick to reach and allows for single hand loading action. Archers wear quivers on their backs or hips, with a slight tilt towards whichever side makes it easier for them to pull an arrow without looking. It can take archers hundreds of repetitions before mastering the routine of pulling an arrow from the quiver, loading it on the drawstring, and pulling back to the anchor point. However, mastering the quiver pull makes it easier to sneak up on game before it escapes. The faster the pull, the more time an archer has to aim.

Quiver design

Quivers are designed for the hip, the back or the ground. Ground quivers are primarily used when firing arrows from a fixed point such as a target range or lines of battle.
Some quivers are designed to attach to the bow so that archers can carry both at once. This is helpful for Tributes like Katniss who are carrying more than just a bow and arrow through the woods.

If you design a quiver for yourself, ensure the length is approximately from your shoulders to your lower back. Any longer can make it difficult to comfortably move or run. Any shorter and you may be spilling arrows from your quiver as other Tributes chase you down.

You can make a quiver out of almost every material. Just be conscious of what type of arrows you will put in your quiver. If your tips are extra sharp, pick a stronger material like leather. If you live in a humid District, use water resistant material for the quiver or on the outside of your quiver. This will help prevent moisture from damaging wooden arrows. Wooden quivers are pretty durable and great for making Hunger Games costumes but can be noisy.

Here’s a video of a homemade quiver:

Katniss’ quiver

Katniss’ quiver was likely made of leather or another durable material before she joined The Hunger Games. Her arena quiver had the traditional District 12 design: black with silver vertical stripes and borders. You won’t likely find one for sale that looks exactly like Katniss’ quivers, but someone did make a replica and sold it on eBay for $50 as shown in this picture. home made Katniss Quiver

If you have crafting skills, it looks fairly easy to reproduce, with nylon material like a gym back and some silver duct tape. Otherwise you can buy quality quivers on Amazon or from hunting shops like Cabela’s or The Sportsman’s Guide. For example, this quiver by Bear Archery is lightweight  If you’ve made a quiver for your Hunger Games costume, send us an e-mail and we can feature it on this page!

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