Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Barbie DollIf you know a Hunger Games Tribute (i.e., a Hunger Games fan),  you’re probably going to get them Hunger Games gifts for birthdays, holidays or special occasions. Well, that’s what I would want as a tribute!  Just consider yourself a “sponsor”- ask a Tribute and they’ll explain what that means.

While many big box stores are going to feature Hunger Games-themed novelties, you can make your Tribute feel special by getting Hunger Games gifts that are a little more unique.  The good news for you more thrifty shoppers is that many unique Hunger Games gifts can be purchased for less than $50. Check out these websites (some are my affiliates) for gift ideas:

Hunger Games Novelty Gifts

Entertainment Earth specializes in collectibles for almost any show, series or franchise. This Katniss Barbie style figurine is currently on sale for $33 if you pre-order. It won’t be available until August. After that, expect the price to go up!. You can click it to get a closer look or visit Entertainment Earth’s Hunger Games for more items and  Hunger Games collectibles.

Etsy is another great place to find custom jewelry handcrafted by Hunger Games fanatics. This includes bracelets, pendants, necklaces and Hunger Games-themed charms. The only issue with Etsy is that there’s no guarantee the item you want will be there next week. After all, they are handcrafted. I would post a picture but there’s no guarantee the item will be there when you click. However, if you can find one, these gifts would definitely be one of a kind. Simply do a search for” Hunger Games”.

I like this limited edition Hunger Games trilogy set and will probably get it for my daughter on her birthday (I hope she’s not reading this!) It’s a hardcover version of all Hunger Games books plus a special box to house them. Right now it’s only $30.  I’d bookmark the link above for the future.

Hunger Games Clothes

If you are into clothing, Amazon’s apparel section also has Hunger Games-themed clothing.  They have shirts for as low as $15 a piece.

Bows and Archery Gifts

Barnett Banshee set available at AmazonHandcrafted bows are another way to go for gifts if you have the money. You could seek a Bowyer who could craft a wooden recurve bow with special inscriptions or sayings from The Hunger games. This would definitely be a standout Hunger Games gift. You can find some good ones at Rodney Wright Archery,but be prepared to throw down around $1,000. For less expensive bows, consider the bows on this list of Recurve bows, especially if you have a young fan.

A beginner's guide to archery

Speaking of bows, consider getting private archery lessons for your Hunger Games fan. While there’s nothing wrong with getting free lessons (see this page for free lessons resources), private lessons will give your Hunger Games tribute one-on-one training which can help fester an archery hobby that goes beyond being a fan of the movies.




Hunger Games Room Theme Decorations

There are more movies to come, so your Tribute probably wouldn’t mind a few room decorations. Think about keeping your Tribute warm with Fleeces, pillows and pillow cases with Hunger Games themes. Most are less than $25. You can also get a poster of  Josh Hutcherson (Peeta), Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) or Liam Hensworth (Gale)  for the wall.

Bonus Gift Idea: On Location Tours

Okay, these can cost more than $50, but talk about a special gift! Imagine your Tribute getting a chance to be at The Hunger GamesTouring The Hunger Games filming locations. Who could forget that? Since The Hunger Games was filmed in locations throughout America, getting there won’t cost a lot of money and can be incorporated as part of a bigger vacation. For example, take a look at one of our site sponsors The Hunger Tours  near Asheville, North Carolina. We like that their tour includes visiting Katniss and Peeta’s cave, and some of the District 12 set pieces like the bakery and the Everdeen house.