Make Your Perfect Katniss Costume Jacket

Katniss' very functional Arena jacket

Courtesy of Lionsgate Films

If you are building a Katniss costume outfit, one of the most important pieces to consider is the jacket. Katniss wore two different jackets in the movie: One for when she was in district 12, and another when she was in the arena.

Katniss' hunting jacket from District 12. Get a leather jacket like this for your District 12 costume

Courtesy of Lionsgate Films

Katniss’ District 12 Jacket. Katniss’ District 12 hunting jacket was dark brown and cut off at the hips. There are two large pockets at the bottom of each side of the jacket, and it appears to zip up. Since Katniss’ family was poor, the jacket should probably show some wear and tear, especially around the cuffs because she hunted with a bow and arrow. The shoulders are a little sharp in design. The seams have details and it appears to be fitted around the waist, but she inherited it from her dad  in the book so I think it should be a little bigger.

How to make Katniss’ hunting jacket.  There really isn’t too much to making Katniss’ hunting jacket. You could probably score a similar brown leather jacket at a thrift store. This could be the best place to find one because it’s likely going to show signs of wear. And since you probably won’t pay too much for it, it wouldn’t hurt you financially to add some wear and tear on your own.

Otherwise, there are some brown leather jackets on Amazon that are similar and could be worn as part of the costume or not. If you buy, I wouldn’t suggest damaging them in any way!

Katniss’ District 12 Arena Jacket.The Arena jacket that Cinna made for Katniss is of a completely different design than the hunting jacket. It’s black with silver-grey accents running down the front, back and arms. There are burnt orange accents along the inside of the zipper line and color.

Katniss’ Arena jacket is also very functional to survive all temperature and climate changes. The inside has a thermal liner, while the outside is water resistant. The drawstring allows your inner Katniss to keep the jacket close for more temperature control while sleeping. Cinna also added a hood to  Katniss’ jacket and gave her the Mockingjay pin, too!Cinna gave Katniss this Mockingjay pin. Make sure you have it on your Katniss costume jacket.

How to make Katniss’ Arena jacket.  For costume purposes, this should be pretty easy to replicate since you don’t plan on staying in the woods overnight and battling the elements for survival. Start off with a black windbreaker with a hood. You can buy these cheap online, thrift store or big box store. For a more functional jacket, buy one at a sporting or fitness store.  $12 lined jacket from Amazon. Perfect to start a Katniss costume


Take a look at the replica jacket on Amazon as an example to make your own.

If you choose to purchase it, reviews are good but be wary of sizes. It’s suggested to get one size bigger than what’s listed.

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