Gale’s bow by Jonathan Parris

Gale’s Bow in Mockingjay, as it is described, sounds very much like a compound bow made of composite material. Beetee wasn’t playing around when he designed it! If you are interested in more modern bows and Olympic style archery, get a compound bow like Gale’s bow.

How Compound Bows Work

A compound bow works by reducing the amount of weight it takes to draw the string and hold it before releasing the arrow. Compound bows have pulley-like wheels referred to as cams at the end of the limbs. It takes more strength to draw the string at first. But once the pulleys roll over, it takes less strength to hold the arrow in place. This lets archers relax their arms a little bit and also makes it easier to remove the draw if you choose not to fire your arrow. Watch the cams pull back as this bow tester demonstrates:

Buying Compound Bows
When buying a compound bow, you need to factor in getting the size you need and the amount of recoil when firing. If you plan on shooting targets, rabbits and squirrels like Katniss or Gale, you won’t need much more than 35 pounds of draw strength. However, also consider your draw length because that measures how far out you need to draw the string for peak performance. Determine your draw length by measuring your arm span in inches. Stand like a “T” and have someone measure you. Divide that by 2.5. to get your draw length.
Where To Buy Gale’s Bow

Barnett Banshee bow like Gale's

Barnett Banshee compound bow. Click for more details

Currently there’s no replica bow like Gale’s for sale, but there probably will be once Mockingjay hits the theatres. However, if you want to buy a bow like Gale’s that’s like the description in Mockingjay, the Barnett Banshee Intermediate Compound Bow (as seen on the right) is a good start. The draw weight is up to 25 pounds with a draw length of up to 26 inches. It also only weighs 3 pounds and comes with two arrows and a paper target. This is suitable for practicing at a distance of 50 yards or less.

Bear Archery also sells a compound bow on Amazon. It’s more stylized than the Barnett Banshee one and has the same draw strength. The Bear Archery Bow also comes in different colors (black, camo and pink) but costs a little more at $67.

If you’ve only watched The Hunger Games movie or read the first book, you don’t see much of Gale in them. Just wait until later. He’ll show you what he can do with a Compound Bow.
Special thanks to for his artistic rendition of Gale’s bow.

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