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Beginner teenage archers can quickly get off course in their archery skills if they start off with bad equipment.

However, the lack of good protective equipment can cause injury to your beginner teen archer, which can discourage them from archery all together. To keep archery fun and safe for your beginning teen archer, consider this list of protective equipment.

Archery Armguards For Teens

Nothing hurts much more than a misfired bow, especially when the string hits your exposed forearm. This can happen often because a good draw keeps your arms and bow in a close, straight line. No matter what type of bow your teenage archer will use, a tough, flexible forearm guard will always be useful.

If your teen is still in his or her growing stages, consider getting an adjustable armguard, which sell from anywhere between $6 and $30 retail. The forearm muscles will naturally get bigger with every shot. Archery armguards come in several model types, to include strap on armguards, laced armguards and slip on armguards.

Finger tabs and Shooting Gloves

The next piece of protective archery equipment for beginning teen archers is the finger tab or shooting glove.

Bow StringerThe finger tabs protect the first three fingers and thumb from wear and tear while shooting. Shooting gloves combine the protection you get from finger tabs and armguards.

If you recall at the beginning of The Hunger Games, Katniss wore a shooting glove (like the Neet glove, pictured)when she was shooting in the District. Finger tabs and shooting gloves sell between $4 and $40 online.

The basic finger tabs look like small mitts with holes in the thumb area to keep it in place. Better quality finger tabs protect the fingers individually. High quality finger tabs like the Cavalier Cordovan Elite Tab are adjustable and backed with an aluminum plate. The Cordovan is also pretty consistent with keeping the string in place, resulting in a more accurate shot.

If your teen is using a traditional or recurve bow, the safest way to get the string on is with a bow stringer. Bow stringers save wear and tear on the bow limbs from stringing and re-stringing. They also prevent archery accidents because the risk of breaking the limbs is significantly reduced. You also worry less about strings errantly coming off the limbs. Bow stringers can actually be made at home with a few handy materials, but it’s best to get a quality bow stringer online for less than $20.

This video demonstrates how to use a bow stringer:

Don’t forget that protective equipment is just as important as getting the right bow for your beginner teen archer. With less pain in the process, your teen’s enthusiasm in archery can turn him or her into a professional shooter.

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